Resourcing the Local Church

HOST: Jeff Lockyer
GUEST: Tom Loewen & Drew Unruh

For most local church leaders these days, Sundays keep coming really fast (every seven days, in fact!).  As well, church work seems to be requiring an increasing amount of technical support and expertise, both on Sundays and throughout the week (with web, media, etc.).

How can local churches at smaller scales function more like well-resourced larger churches?  And how can local church leaders move their weekend service planning beyond songs and set lists, to offer a greater degree of creativity and media if they currently lack those skill sets?

Join the founders of Ecclevox, a ministry designed to provide “big-church resources for small-church budgets,” and hear from their founders, Drew Unruh and Tom Loewen, about how they’re resourcing the local church in vital ways.  Most importantly, discover how your ministry or local church can benefit from the resources they’re creating in order to serve your growing media and technical needs.

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Finding our Way PodcastNew Episode Weekly

Welcome to the Finding Our Way Podcast! Join us each week as we discuss how to pursue Jesus’ Way in community, and how as local churches we can better foster Jesus’ Way among us, so the world will see more of Jesus through His Church.


A fresh approach to ministryFinding Our Way

What if the way the Church is “doing church” is the very reason the world is seeing less of Jesus in it every day?

Beginning with the biblical basics, Jeff Lockyer walks readers through the underlying theology and practical application of how Southridge Community Church has approached ministry for nearly a quarter century. While providing a fresh approach to ministry, the book stimulates how to think-not what to think. It’s written by a local church practitioner for local church practitioners.

By providing clarity to the confused, it helps church leaders find their way. By providing practical examples delivered uniquely in multiple church contexts, it supports leaders in finding their own way. And, most of all, by re-framing the operation of the church around fostering full devotion instead of facilitating consumerism, it enables leaders of local churches to reclaim the lifestyle of Jesus among its people. It supports churches and leaders to find their Way-the Way of Jesus.

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