May 2022 Webinar

HOST: Jeff Lockyer
GUEST: Greg Paul

Before the pandemic, the primary way the church was dividing seemed to be over the inclusion of LGBTQ+ people.  As local churches and ministries across the country and around the world seek to have a more Jesus-like impact on LGBTQ+ people and families that have been hurt and marginalized by the church, even today, many local churches and denominations are ravaged over how to navigate the seemingly divergent and incompatible theological approaches to changing their impact.

This month, join us as pastor and author Greg Paul shares his personal journey of years of biblical and spiritual reflection on how to serve the LGBTQ+ community in the most Jesus-centred way.  As someone who’s embraced the values of both the traditional and affirming viewpoints discovers how he’s reconciled his own approach and how he encourages churches full of people with both views to move forward in unity and harmony.

And – more than anything – learn from Greg how people on the margins can often give the church the greatest glimpse of Jesus.  And discover, in this case, how we can hear God uniquely and powerfully through the Queer Prophets among us!

April 2022 Webinar

HOST: Jeff Lockyer
GUEST: Carrie Jones

For Christians and church communities in recent years, The Enneagram has become a powerful tool for personal growth and team development.  If you’ve never heard of it, join us as we learn from Enneagram-certified Leaders’ Village consultant Carrie Jones, and discover the basics of what all the fuss is about.

More than that, discover how The Enneagram serves to move people closer to Jesus, and how it can become an integral tool in your personal spiritual growth and self-leadership.  And, beyond that, discover how to leverage The Enneagram for team settings, in order to grow in awareness and appreciation of those you live and work most closely with, to turn differences into a strength instead of a struggle!

For local church and ministry leaders, The Enneagram can be an invaluable resource to bring people together and move them towards Jesus.  Discover how, as we learn from an expert on the subject!

March 2022 Webinar

HOST: Jeff Lockyer
GUEST: Tim Arnold

Of all the words used to describe how our world has changed over the past couple of years, “polarized” often tops the list.  Not only have convictions strengthened about most deeply-held issues; they’ve become increasingly compatible with their alternative view.  And these incompatibilities aren’t just in theory; they’re tearing apart families, friendships and churches like never before.

Join us as we learn from Tim Arnold, a trained facilitator in Polarity Management and author of The Power of Healthy Tension, as well as his newest release Lead With AND.  Discover how to distinguish a polarity from a problem, and how to manage chronic polarity in a way that can increasingly embrace the tension and experience unity within diversity instead of demanding uniformity.

February 2022 Webinar

HOST: Jeff Lockyer
GUEST: Allison Alley

As church leaders, our responsibility is to make disciples “of all the nations” and spread the Gospel “to the ends of the earth.” When it comes to extending compassion and justice beyond your own local community, though, how do you practically do that? With all of the models of global missions available, which ones offer the greatest degree of effectiveness and Kingdom stewardship?

Join us as we discuss the journey Southridge took to research these options and eventually partner with Compassion Canada, through a conversation with their President, Allison Alley. Hear her personal story of engaging as a participant in Southridge’s approach to global missions, that re-routed her ministry trajectory. And discover how that partnership works on a practical level, and how it’s blossomed over the years.

How can your church maximize its global compassion impact, and at the same time develop as many global missionaries within your community? If you’re passionate to see the love of Christ extend beyond our continent through your church, don’t miss this engaging conversation full of practical takeaways!

January 2022 Webinar

HOST: Jeff Lockyer
GUEST: Mindy Caliguire

As we head into a new year, what’s the greatest investment a church or ministry leader can make? Would you believe it’s in… yourself?

As we launch into 2022, we want to take a first-things-first look at the spiritual health of leaders. We’re going to focus on why it’s essential to effective ministry to be serving from a spiritually full and healthy place. And we’re going to discover some practices, habits, rhythms and behaviours that each of us can build into our lives in order for God to make the most of our lives and leadership in the coming year.

Join us as we learn from Mindy Caliguire, founder of Soul Care and a long-time local church leader, as she helps each of us start our year off in the most Christ-centred and empowered way possible. Before pouring out to others for another year, discover how to experience God’s regular filling of your soul!

So often, the hardest person to lead is yourself. Join us in January as we learn how to do that better, as we continue #findingourwaytogether!

December 2021 Webinar

HOST: Jeff Lockyer
GUEST:Jim Brown

With a growing rise in the increase of public scandals, abuses and improprieties in churches these days, there are growing calls for accountability. Many times, people wonder: “Why didn’t the board do its job?”

What is the job of a board of a local church? How do the function of governance and spiritual oversight work, even uniquely or distinctly from other areas of ministry? How should the relationship between the board and the senior leader work? And – most importantly – what are the practical behaviours, systems and practices, of good governance?

Join us as we hear from Jim Brown, governance consultant and author of The Imperfect Board Member. Jim not only brings decades of practitioner-level experience in both church and para-church ministry boards; he also works closely with boards of all shapes and sizes and has helped many navigate the complexities of local church life from a governance perspective.

November 2021 Webinar

HOST: Jeff Lockyer
GUEST: Ellen Duffeild

What does it take for men and women in the church to thrive in leadership together?  You might assume it’s merely a matter of theology, embracing an egalitarian view of scripture.  But what if your church already holds this position doctrinally, yet still functions like an “old boys’ club” practically?

That was the question Southridge Community Church faced years ago when they met Ellen Duffield, a researcher on female empowerment and gender equality.  She guided the leaders of Southridge to launch specific programs and adopt personal behaviours that are significantly changing the landscape of their church’s leadership.

Join in on this webinar to hear Southridge’s story and how Ellen has guided their leadership journey for over a decade.  Discover the practical steps you can take – in your family, ministry, or local church – to foster a culture where men and women can both fully flourish as image-bearers of God and parent spiritual families together in harmony!

Check out this webinar to discover the underlying theology, local church journey and practical process for operationalizing compassion & justice ministry. And learn how to avoid some critical mistakes along the way from a group of leaders who’ve effectively built multiple unique “Anchor Causes” to serve various communities across the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada.

October 2021 Webinar
How to Become a Missional Church

HOST: Jeff Lockyer
GUEST: Michael Krause, Annie Froese & Nathan Dirks

They say they’ll know we are Christians by our love. Most church leaders want their communities to make a noticeable difference in their surrounding societies, but with the every-seven-day demands of weekend service planning and message preparation—never mind the ongoing crises and pastoral needs to manage—few leaders are able to build the kind of ministry that extends Christ’s love practically.

Check out this webinar to discover the underlying theology, local church journey and practical process for operationalizing compassion & justice ministry. And learn how to avoid some critical mistakes along the way from a group of leaders who’ve effectively built multiple unique “Anchor Causes” to serve various communities across the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada.