Praise for Finding Our Way

  • Jeff Manion

    Senior Pastor, Ada Bible Church and Author, The Land Between and Dream Big, Think Small

    In Finding Our Way, Jeff Lockyer provides a much-needed compass for navigating life in ministry.

  • Nancy Beach

    Leadership Coach, Slingshot Group

    I believe Finding Our Way will prove to be immensely helpful to all who care deeply about the future of the church.

  • Allison Alley

    President & CEO, Compassion Canada

    I’m confident the insights Jeff provides in these pages will challenge many leaders to advance God’s revealed vision of his church at home and around the world, as it did for me.

  • Greg Paul

    Sanctuary Toronto, Author, God in the Alley, Resurrecting Religion & more

    If you’re looking for a template to accomplish conventional success, this book will be a waste of your time. If, however, you want to be challenged, inspired and instructed about establishing or re-shaping a church into a real world, in-the-trenches, gospel-living body—then buy Finding Our Way and read it several times!

Download the Introduction to Finding our way to learn more about our practical, innovative and missional approach to ministry.

Years ago, I was invited to consult with the leadership team of a neighboring church local church. They had launched a new church about a decade earlier, but after a few years of exciting startup growth, they’d found themselves plateaued right around the classic two hundred-person barrier of weekend service attendance. Apparently, they brought me in to help them discover why.

I started by asking them what their church was about, which they could all easily answer with their slogan, “People. Partner. Plant.” Then I asked them what turned out to be a far more dangerous question. I wondered what this slogan actually was – was it their church’s vision? Was it the basis of their ministry model? Or were those words key aspects of their strategic plan?

I was not prepared for their answer. And they certainly were not prepared for my response to it…

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